What is LectioYouth.net?


LectioYouth.Net is a Catholic program for systematic reading and study of the Word of God. It is intended for groups and individuals, particularly the youth in Africa and Madagascar.
The primary goal of LectioYouth.Net is to facilitate the encounter with the word of God through Bible study groups, especially for youth. It is devoted to systematic and regular study and reflection on the Word of God, in order to be guided and transformed on both the personal and local community level. Since it is intended primarily but not exclusively for the Catholic community, its primary, but not exclusive, beneficiary is the Catholic community.
LectioYouth.Net follows the Catholic liturgical calendar of Africa and Madagascar providing biblical study materials and resources for the Sundays and Feasts of the liturgical year.

Our Method

The method of Bible study and reflection proposed by LectioYouth.Net consists of five main steps: Reading the Word of God, Hearing the Word of God, Listening to the Word of God, Proverb and Action. It begins and ends with a prayer.


Approach and Materials

LectioYouth.Net approaches the Word of God in Liturgy from a distinctive perspective. It offers a comprehensive and thematic approach to the readings, contains systematic study of the texts and proposes pastoral application in the African context.
We offer two types of materials, a written text for reading and audio files for listening on smartphone or computer.
LectioYouth.Net builds on the ancient practice of Lectio Divina: transformative encounter with the Divine Word. However, it approaches it from a distinctive perspective. It features:



While the program can be used by individuals, our desire and primary objective is the formation of local groups in parishes, schools and other Catholic institutions who would regularly gather to study the Word of God guided by this program.
Community context is essential for the Word of God to be effective in our world. After all, the Bible is primarily the Book of the Church, and the Church must be formed by it.
In the future, in coordination with BICAM and the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, we want also to create a national and regional coordination of LectioYouth.Net groups, organizing national and regional activities such as festivals, competitions and encounters.  

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"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path."

- Ps 119:105 -


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